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Welcome to Gent-Ecigs Online Shop

 Why tobacco smoking is forbidden but e-smoking not?
The advantages of electronic cigarette are smoking anywhere, no burning, no tar, no carbon monoxide, no second-hand smoke, a variety of favours and so on. But when you are smoking tobacco cigarette, it is a big risk from the lighting fire,the flying ash everywhere and many harmful substances.

What can you acquire from our shop?
Everyone would like theĀ  healthy life, but the habit of heavy smoking tobacco hinders it. Now in our ecigs shop, we will introduce a healthy smoking way--e smoking. Here, you have many choices of e cigarette and e-liquid, classical eGo-T, fashion eGo-W, convenient disposable e cigarette, colourful CE4 clearomizer, various eJuice etc.
Wholesale and OEM service are welcomed.

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Hot Products

Hottest CE4/CE5 Cartomizer/Clearomizer(100pcs)
Hottest CE4/CE5
eGo-K(CE4) Starter Kits
eGo-K(CE4) Starter
eGo-C Twist VV Cigarette
eGo-C Twist VV
eGo CE4 Blister Pack E-Cigarette(50pcs)
eGo CE4 Blister
Big/Small eGo Carry Case(50pcs)
Big/Small eGo Carry
VCEEGO Premium E-Cigarette Kit iGO3-CE4 - New item!
VCEEGO Premium
650mah eGo Batteries(50pcs)
650mah eGo
eGo-T Starter Kits(No display)
eGo-T Starter
eGo-C Starter Kits
eGo-C Starter Kits
eGo-C Twist Battery
eGo-C Twist Battery
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